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Mind Power Study Techniques 2.0:
Learn the Secrets of Revision, Focus, Faster Reading, Memory So You Can Get the Maximum Marks in Exams

We Help Students Achieve
Success in Tough Exams

What is Mind Power Study Techniques 2.0

My book Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques has helped lakhs of student. Now, for the first time, I've totally re-created the course. This edition 2.0 is not a written book but a video course. This is more powerful and you'll benefit faster.

I am Looking for a Small Group of My Ideal Students
(Who Are Like Me When I Was In Class 10th)

(At that Time, I was Smart and Hardworking, and was Getting Some Success, But My Life Changed When I Got a Chance to Be Mentored in a 2-Month Summer Program)

I want to invite you IF YOU ARE LIKE ME

  • You are smart and want to get big success in your competitive exam for admission or job.
  • You can learn your subject (whether you have joined coaching or do self-study).
  • You are willing to do your best becuase success is very much important to you.


  • You want to study with concentration despite all kinds of destractions due to mobile phone and social media.
  • You have to cover huge syllabus in limited time before the exams.
  • You want to remember what you study and recall during exams, so that you can get more marks and higher rank to make your and your family's dream come true.
  • You would like to get my help and guidance with the above to make the dream come true for you and your family.

If the above describes you, then continue to read below to find out how I can help you to maximize your success.

Before I tell you how I can help you, first let me quickly introduce myself.

Raj Bapna photoMy name is Raj Bapna. After leaving Intel in USA in 1991, I have been helping students to study better to get more marks in exams.

In class 10th Board, I got 88.44% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, BUT I got only 48% marks in Social Studies (now called Social Sciences).

Then, in class 11th Board (there was no 12th in Rajasthan and I went to Pilani for B.E. after 11th class), I got much higher marks as if by magic.

My marks in Chemistry increased from 85.3% to 97% with the 5th rank merit in the whole state and my name came in the newspapers.

Plus, I got 1102 rank in IITJEE. That was remarkable because I studied 11th class in Hindi medium, and took IITJEE in English medium while competing against the students of 12th class English medium.

Plus, I also got the NTSE scholarship from NCERT (awarded to only 100 students from the whole country in that year).

What happened in one year (that made such a big difference)?

I was the same student, but my results became much better.

Here is what happened: I was selected by Rajasthan government to be mentored for 2 months along with about 70 other talented science students.

Many experts came and mentored us. That was my life's best learning experience (yes, better than my experience at BITS, Pilani and IIT, Kharagpur).

During those 2 summer months, I improved a lot very quickly which gave big success just one year later.

Not only that, I also got good grades at BITS, Pilani.

Please note, I still was an ordinary student who somehow got great results. So, when I made a stupid mistake in "thinking" during a semester, I got 1 B and 4Cs.

You'll learn the mistake I made, so you do not make the same mistake.

Only recently I realized that I was magically changed by that summer training and mentoring.

With this new realization, I asked myself, "Is there any way I can offer all the benefits of my summer training to small groups students who are like me when I was in 10th? Those who are smart and hardworking just like I was, and getting some success just like I was getting, but not getting big success they are capable of getting. Just like I was.

"Can I offer a live online training and mentoring program?", I asked.

This resulted in my new 7-module training and mentoring program for those students who are now like Raj Bapna of 10th class.

You'll experience the best of what I learned in those 2 months and then 42 years of additional experience and training on brain, memory, and success.

So, I ask you, "Are you like me when I was in 10th class?"

That is, are you smart and hardworking, and getting some level of success. But, you know you are capable of much more if the right mentor can show you a clear, step-by-step path.

If that describes you, then I am looking for you. I have created this training and mentoring program just for you. And so, I want to invite you to join because it will change your life.

If you are like me, I know you are also honest, so I'll offer you a money-back guarantee. If you are not surprised by how much better you become, just email me for a full, 100% refund.

I want you to get more success than I got, and so I want to guide you, train you, and hold your hand and take you step-by-step to the next level.

Make Big Changes in Your Life, Study Better, Get More Marks in Exams and Make Your Dreams Come True

Do you feel you are not getting all the success you are capable of? Or, that social media and Internet are wasting your time and you are not able to do much about it? Would you like to change all that and achieve much more success?

If yes, you are in the right place.

Almost everybody faces uncertainty, "not being clear of the exact plan to follow", procrastination, and therefore achieve much less success than what they are capable of.

Please know that it is not your fault.

It is our human nature.

Our brains work this way.

We all get lost in social media, YouTube, and more.

But, a small number of people don't make all these mistakes. They seem to have control of their time and seem to concentrate on the important work rather than wasting time.

And, they achieve much more success than their friends and other students.

How would it help you if you can learn the secrets?

How will your life change?

How much more success you'll get?

How much more confident and happier you'll feel?

How will it affect everybody in your family?

If this is something you want, you are in luck because now you can.

Introducing ...

MPST 2.0 Video Course

This course covers everything mentioned in this picture as well as a special training on "From Procrastination to Commitment".

You'll learn the above 9 success activators, so you learn better, remember better, and get more marks in your exams.

This training is not theory, but practical training that gives immediate results.

With each video, you'll see the changes and feel the changes.

What you'll discover this in Module #7 ...
From Procrastination to Commitment

This training is not theory, but practical training that gives immediate results.

The training can change your life because during the training, you'll pick one important work or task that you really want to do, but somehow postpone.

The, I'll guide you step-by-step for you to change it from procrastination to commitment.

You'll learn a secret technique and use it to change from procrastination to commitment.

This secret technique will help you life-long.

Don't be surprised if you cry when you discover that you can really stop postponement and make commitments. Some cry when they realize the secret technique is so easy, why nobody else discovered it taught it because their life would have been much more successful and happier.

What you'll discover this in Module #3 ...

This training is not theory, but practical training that gives immediate results.

The training can change your life because you'll know exactly how to revise in systematic way to remember what you learn in classrooms or at home.

The, I'll guide you step-by-step for you to change from unfocused and un-systematic way to a clear and systematic way that is proven.

You'll learn a secret technique and use it.

This secret technique will help you life-long.


It includes training on "Fast Notes". You learn a super easy and fast way for notes, so you can revise faster and easily identify what you need to revise more and which you need to revise less.

What you'll discover in Module #1 ...

This training by itself changes lives.

In this training, you'll discover:

  • 4 key mindsets that determine who gets success and who fails.
  • 2 success tools that empower you.
  • You'll make a commitment towards your own success.
  • What happened to me in the 2 months of summer after class 10th that changed my life and changed me from ordinary student to a topper.
  • More insights.

List of All Video Modules

  • Module #1: Topper's 4 Mindsets and 2 Success Tools
  • Module #2: Concentration and IQ
  • Module #3: 4 Habits for Systematic Revision & Fast Notes
  • Module #4: Faster Reading and Q&A
  • Module #5: 3 Methods of Relaxed Confidence in Exam
  • Module #6: Questions & Answers Session
  • Module #7: From Procrastination to Commitment

Get Results in Just 4 Weeks

In just 4 weeks, all 9 success activators are covered as below.

Plus, it includes one year membership to IQ Builder software.

You Get
All Video Downloads +
IQ Builder Software

What you get:

  • You get all the 7 modules above.
  • Get one year membership to IQ Builder. Play the game for 20 minutes a day for 20 days and expect your IQ to increase by 10 points or more. Details of the software is at

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Use the complete course for a full 30 days and if you are not 100% happy with the progress, you can ask for a full, 100% refund and still keep the full course.

How can I offer such a guarantee? Will not everybody ask for refund?

I can because my students get such big improvement that they want to thank me for the help.

This course is about one year old and we've had ZERO requests for refund so far.

Today is your opportunity to study in a new way using all the tools that has taken me decades of hard work to bring to you.

So, order it right now with the full knowledge that you have 100% refund guarantee.

Only Rs 9,950
Rs 3900

Note: All prices include shipping and GST if any.

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